Cricket World Cup 2015 Schedule

All the matches of Cricket World Cup 2015 will be played in Australia and New Zealand. They will divide the number of matches between themselves.

The first match of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 will be played at Christchurch, New Zealand and the final of Cricket World Cup 2015 will be played at Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Melbourne, Australia.

1st ODI14-Feb-2015Pool A : Sri Lanka vs New ZealandChristchurch
2nd ODI14-Feb-2015Pool A : England vs AustraliaMelbourne
3rd ODI15-Feb-2015Pool B : South Africa vs ZimbabweHamilton
4th ODI15-Feb-2015Pool B : India vs PakistanAdelaide
5th ODI16-Feb-2015Pool B : West Indies vs IrelandNelson
6th ODI17-Feb-2015Pool A : New Zealand vs TBCDunedin
7th ODI18-Feb-2015Pool A : Bangladesh vs AfghanistanCanberra
8th ODI19-Feb-2015Pool B : Zimbabwe vs TBCNelson
9th ODI20-Feb-2015Pool A : England vs New ZealandWellington
10th ODI21-Feb-2015Pool B : Pakistan vs West IndiesChristchurch
11th ODI21-Feb-2015Pool A : Australia vs BangladeshBrisbane
12th ODI22-Feb-2015Pool A : Sri Lanka vs AfghanistanDunedin
13th ODI22-Feb-2015Pool B : South Africa vs IndiaMelbourne
14th ODI23-Feb-2015Pool A : England vs TBCChristchurch
15th ODI24-Feb-2015Pool B : West Indies vs ZimbabweCanberra
16th ODI25-Feb-2015Pool B : Ireland vs TBCBrisbane
17th ODI26-Feb-2015Pool A : Afghanistan vs TBCDunedin
18th ODI26-Feb-2015Pool A : Sri Lanka vs BangladeshMelbourne
19th ODI27-Feb-2015Pool B : South Africa vs West IndiesSydney
20th ODI28-Feb-2015Pool A : Australia vs New ZealandAuckland
21st ODI28-Feb-2015Pool B : India vs TBCPerth
22nd ODI01-Mar-2015Pool A : England vs Sri LankaWellington
23rd ODI01-Mar-2015Pool B : Pakistan vs ZimbabweBrisbane
24th ODI03-Mar-2015Pool B : South Africa vs IrelandCanberra
25th ODI04-Mar-2015Pool B : Pakistan vs TBCNapier
26th ODI04-Mar-2015Pool A : Australia vs AfghanistanPerth
27th ODI05-Mar-2015Pool A : Bangladesh vs TBCNelson
28th ODI06-Mar-2015Pool B : India vs West IndiesPerth
29th ODI07-Mar-2015Pool B : South Africa vs PakistanAuckland
30th ODI07-Mar-2015Pool B : Zimbabwe vs IrelandHobart
31st ODI08-Mar-2015Pool A : New Zealand vs AfghanistanNapier
32nd ODI08-Mar-2015Pool A : Australia vs Sri LankaSydney
33rd ODI09-Mar-2015Pool A : England vs BangladeshAdelaide
34th ODI10-Mar-2015Pool B : India vs IrelandHamilton
35th ODI11-Mar-2015Pool A : Sri Lanka vs TBCHobart
36th ODI12-Mar-2015Pool B : South Africa vs TBCWellington
37th ODI13-Mar-2015Pool A : Bangladesh vs New ZealandHamilton
38th ODI13-Mar-2015Pool A : England vs AfghanistanSydney
39th ODI14-Mar-2015Pool B : India vs ZimbabweAuckland
40th ODI14-Mar-2015Pool A : Australia vs TBCHobart
41st ODI15-Mar-2015Pool B : West Indies vs TBCNapier
42nd ODI15-Mar-2015Pool B : Pakistan vs IrelandAdelaide
1st Quarter Final ODI18-Mar-2015TBC vs TBCSydney
2nd Quarter Final ODI19-Mar-2015TBC vs TBCMelbourne
3rd Quarter Final ODI20-Mar-2015TBC vs TBCAdelaide
4th Quarter Final ODI21-Mar-2015TBC vs TBCWellington
1st Semi Final ODI24-Mar-2015TBC vs TBCAuckland
2nd Semi Final ODI26-Mar-2015TBC vs TBCSydney
Final ODI29-Mar-2015TBC vs TBCMelbourne
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India become highest run scoring team in ODIs

India and Australia are currently levelled on 1,82,881 runs from 841 (a world record) and 825 matches respectively. Australia though have far better winning percentage, having won 505 matches as against 423 of India.

Pakistan are at the third spot among countries which have scored most ODI runs with 1,71,982 from 807 matches, followed by Sri Lanka on 1,46,365 and the West Indies on 1,45,260.

India are likely to remain on top for some time as they play five ODIs against New Zealand after the three-match South Africa series. Australia, on the other hand, play five ODIs against England after the Ashes series.

During the South Africa tour, Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is also expected to reach two personal milestones. He can become the Indian captain with highest ODI runs while leading the side. The record of most ODI wins by an Indian captain may also be his.

Dhoni has so far scored 5,213 runs from 151 matches as captain and he is just 26 runs behind Mohammed Azharuddin who has 5,239 runs from 174 ODIs as skipper.

If India sweep the three-match ODI series against South Africa, then Dhoni will also go past Azharuddin as the India captain who has won most number of ODI matches under his charge. Under Azharuddin's captaincy, India won 90 matches as against 88 under Dhoni's skippership so far.
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