Famous Quotes Of World Cup 2011

While India won the world cup, it had it own share of humor and emotions. Here are few of them:
  • “Only Sreesanth can control Sreesanth” – Dhoni
  • “You embarrass opposition & not your own team”- Dhoni to Sreesanth
  • “Tendulkar has carried the burden of nation for 21 years; It was time we carried him. Chak de India!” – Virat Kohli after winning World Cup
  • “Honi to anhoni karde, anhoni ko honi. Ek saath jab jamah ho teeno: Rajni, Ghajini & Dhoni”- AB tweet after WC victory
  • “Can I drop you somewhere?” – Comment on Kamran Akmal for his poor keeping
  • “Paki players buying tons of cream to protect themselves from YUVI rays” – via SMS before Indo-pak semi finals.
  • “Afridi: We won’t allow Sachin to score 100th 100. We will get all out on a score less than 94″ – via SMS before Indo-Pak semis
  • Manmohan Singh to Gilani after Pakistan defeat in semis: “Dekh saale isliye bulaya tha. Yeh dikhane ki baap baap hota hai aur beta beta”
  • “They indeed have a large heart, otherwise how can they drop so many catches”- Yuvraj on Afridi’s comment calling India a country with small heart.

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Last ball of Australia vs South Africa semi finals 1999 World cup

The essence of the one-day game is a close finish, and this was by far the most significant to finish in the closest way of all - with both teams all out for the same score.

South Africa needed nine off the final over and Lance Klusener (31* runs off 16 balls)– by some way the best batsman in that tournament – belted the first two deliveries for four.

South Africa now needed one to win. The third ball went straight to a fielder, but Allan Donald was already half way down the pitch and would have been run out if Darren Lehmann had hit the stumps.

The fourth wasn’t much of a shot either, but Klusener said ‘yes’. Donald disagreed and didn’t move. As Klusener passed him, Donald realised he had to go, but it was too late. Donald was run out, South Africa were all out, the scores were tied. The tie meant that South Africa, for the third World Cup in a row, failed to reach the final despite making much of the early running. The crucial fact was that Australia finished higher than them in the Super Six table, and that was determined by the obscurity of net run-rate. Many spectators were left baffled.
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